Thursday, March 3, 2011


my card mojo kicked in. I thought it had left me for good and was seriously thinking about giving up and selling all my stuff! Sheeesh.... but today I am happy :D Yesterday I designed a card and then I just couln't stop. I love making series of cards, and before I knew, I had finished 15 cards :D YAY! I am estatic! :D

All fifteen of them :D

and a few close ups :D


  1. Þau eru algjört æði !!!!

  2. Teresa L. LuthyeMarch 3, 2011 at 6:11 PM

    Oh Linda! Those are absolutely beautiful! Don't you ever give up without posting something here first so that the Stamping Sisters can convince you otherwise. If am in awe of your talent as usual. I love the Pergamano touches. You are an artist. I aspire to be as good as you. I was about ready to sell all my stuff too, but now I won't. You have made me realize that I too can still create beautiful things. You take care, Sweetie! Teresa (your Colorado Stamping Sister)

  3. Awww....thank you so much my sweet sister Stamping Sister! All my basic stamping knowledge comes from you all! You have inspired me so so much through all these years! and...hey...don't you sell your stuff either! I LOVE my stuff so much today, I just can´t stop...I finished 24 more of these cards tonight. just waiting for some glitter to dry :D Hugs'n kisses! Linda



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