Saturday, October 24, 2009

Card shapes

It was my niece's 8 year birthday today and I thought this crown shape would be perfect for her. I just LUV shape cards, they are so much fun to make!

I must give Shari Carroll the credit for this card. She is an incredibly talented artist/designer for Hero Arts and I am lucky to be able to call her my friend :D She is just so inspiring to me, and has been from the moment I met her (about 12 years ago, whoa....that is a long time) She came up with this crown design a while ago but today was the first time I tried it. You can find a template and instructions at the Hero arts blog.


  1. Já, Linda mín, þú tekur þetta með trompi eins og ég átti von á :o)
    Glæsileg öll kortin þín hér !!!

  2. Æðisleg öll kortin þín =)



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