Sunday, October 25, 2009

More shapes

While I am on about Shari's great designs I thought I'd show you another card I made using hertemplate and design. (there is even a video tutorial :D)

It is a boat shape card I made a couple a weeks ago for my nephews 6th birthday. The left sail folds open for the sentiment, it is tucked under the top button to keep it closed. She is SO clever that girl!

I actually made a cute apron for him and tucked it into a can and made a last minute quick decoration. I hope I am not the only one making things last minute! *grin*. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of the apron, but it was a total hit as my nephew is one passionate cook! :D

I use a can opener that makes that special cut that leaves no sharp edges you can cut yourself with. I cut the bottom open, use the contents, clean out the can and save for "wrapping" gifts. I just glue the bottom back on when I have stuffed the can with the goodies. Cool huh? :D


  1. Flott kort og sniðugt með niðursuðudósirnar !

  2. How do you glue the bottom of the can back on, Linda?

  3. Hi Kay! lovely to see you here! :D

    I usa a super glue for it, but I guess most types of craft glue would do, just takes longer to dry.

    I think the real trick is to use this special can opener, that is designed for not leaving a sharp cut. If your can opener leaves a cut that you can cut yourself on, it is not this type. If you don´t have one, try asking for it at your local kitchenware shop. I know tupperware has one.



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