Wednesday, December 30, 2009

White Christmas

Happy holidays everyone!

It has been a wonderful holiday season for me. We even got a fare share of light bright white snow the past week. I don´t think it has snowed this much in years up here. The creaking sound when walking on this kind of snow makes my heart sing and it is a true privilege to have a skiing mountain just 5 min drive from my house. Today, one can literally ski all the way from the top of the mountain down to my doorstep :Þ how cool is that!

Here are a few photos I took out my windows a couple of days ago while it was snowing heavily!

More Christmas cards

A few cards I made using a Stamping Up tree stamp

Nokkur kort sem ég gerði með Stamping up stimpli


Ég hannaði þetta snið af umslagakortum fyrir um 2 árum, bjó síðan til smá sýnikennslu á aðferðinni fyrir snappið mitt. Ég hef oft verið...