Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The perfect secret santa gift

We have a wonderful tradition at work for christmas. We each draw a name out of a hat (a bowl actually) and at our little christmas get togheter at work we give that person a gift. That way we can make the gifts a lot more personal. I made this big snow globe for my college Elva, and the photos are of her cute twin sons on one side and of her and her hubby on the other side.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It is that time of year again...

The most wonderful time of year! I love christmas preperations and the Advent is for me a time to spend with family, baking, cleaning (within reason :Þ) and decorating. One of my favorite decoration is the Advent wreath. I used to make it a circle, but last year I decided to go out of my "box" and found this clever candle holder. It has a trey underneath that makes it possible to water it and keep the spruce fresh. And the scent is heavenly :D Have a joyous Advent!


Ég hannaði þetta snið af umslagakortum fyrir um 2 árum, bjó síðan til smá sýnikennslu á aðferðinni fyrir snappið mitt. Ég hef oft verið...