Saturday, January 29, 2011

First card of the year

My little scraproom has been in a total mess since christmas, not a chance to get anything done in there. :Þ But yesterday I did a little tidying up and naturally I NEEDED to play a little afterwards. I christmas card I got from one of my stamping sisters was sitting at my desk, and I have been wanting to make a special card for her. In the process I got to do some experimenting with some new stuff.

The dress stamp is an old one, but still one of my favorites! It is heat embossed in black on heavy watercolor paper. I colored it using Distress ink (refills) and some mica powder mixed into it. Turns out REALLY purty. I added a little water to the ink where I wanted the color to be a little thinner. NOTE: I only used ONE color for this, the inks are just so great, they change color on their own! :D gotta LOVE IT! The big rose was inked in the same way.

knit and crochet

Hi! It's been a while... so HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! I had a wonderful time during the holidays with my family and friends, LOTS of good food and a bunch of nice gifts.

I didn't do much scrapping or card making before christmas, I had a lot of left over christmas cards from last year, so I didn´t need to make any this year, came in handy when I was running out of time, but also I was a little sad, not making any cards for this christmas.

I did however make a bunch of scarfs and a few hats and mittens to give for christmas. I also made a bunch of tatted and crochet necklaces. I might show you those later :D But as I was getting ready to wrap all this stuff, I remembered to take documentary photos.


Ég hannaði þetta snið af umslagakortum fyrir um 2 árum, bjó síðan til smá sýnikennslu á aðferðinni fyrir snappið mitt. Ég hef oft verið...