Sunday, April 25, 2010

A lamp and a card!

I am sorry, I have been neglecting you. The thing is, I just haven´t been scrapping/stamping much lately. All my spare time has been spent on embroidery lately.

But a couple of days ago, I needed a neat gift for a 14 yo. She had just remodeled her room and was needing a lamp. She loves leopard print, so I ran all over town looking for a cool lamp, without much luck. At the last minute, I found a base and a shade at two different places and decided to do a makeover! :D

I dug up some fiber sheets I recalled I had with leopard pattern. They were just big enough for the shade. I cut them to size, glued them on using appropriate glue. Then I tied a brown ribbon around it (glued it down too) and on one side I put a line of rhinestones. The other side I tied the a bow and hung a couple of crystals in it. Really simple, but it turn out great I think!

Then I made a shadowbox card to go with it. I was inspired by my good friend Shari (again). The dress is stamped using silver glitter embossing powder. Then the script and flourishes are stamped using distress inks. (Shari has a great video of the process on her blog). I added a pull out insert to the box card. I adhered a strip of the patterned fiber I used for the lamp to the right, leaving room for the greeting on the left. On the fiber (in the cirle) I wrote with a silver pen the words, Ferming (Communion). A really fun card to make!

I am planing on tidying up my craft room today, I hope it gets my mojo back! :D


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