Monday, November 29, 2010

simple and easy x-mas cards

I made these cards for an Icelandic magazine called "Húsfreyjan", the christmas edition. The goal was to create a few christmas cards that even beginners could make without having or buying a lot of fancy stuff. They can be made using only paper, scissors, glue and a few embellishments.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Glamorous shoe card

Here is another take on my shoe card. I just can't get enough of these :D I used the a couple of the roses I made yesterday and some speciality paper.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Flower power :D

You may have wondered why I only bought white flowers. Well, here is why. I would LOVE to have all the possible color combinations available in all different kinds of flowers, but that would cost me LOTS of $$$. Most of the time, when I cannot choose a color for flowers or chipboards and such, I buy white or blank ones. That way I have more possibilities to use them. I have all kinds of colors to color with in my stash and to show you what you can do, I did a little experiments this morning on those flowers to show you. It is super easy to do PLUS you get your own unique flowers :D

Here you can see all of them together for sizes. The large flowers are about 2" wide.

These were all done using just watercolors. Pretty simple, you can color them as much as you like and the watercolor almost paints itself if you just let the paper suck it in.

The green one I sprayed with Tattered angels glimmer mist. (olive vine) and the cream one, I didn't color at all, I only used a damped brush to put some really shiny gold powder on the edges. This powder is a cosmetic gold powder, it is a little more coarse than mica powders but not as coarse as fine glitter. It looks like a slightly coarse powder of real gold. (pretty neat huh :D)

First I randomly and very loosely painted this flower with yellow watercolor. Then I used orange stickles on the edges. This one turned out prettier than I thought it would :Þ

Here I first painted the whole flower with MM speciality glace-gold paint. It turned out quite flat I thought, so I added some of that pretty gold powder I have and then I used black ink loosely on the edges.

This one is my favorite I think. It was such a nice surprice. First I used black ink (with a brush) to color the flower totally black. Then I used a little of the gold powder on the edges just for fun, and OMG it looks STUNNING dont you think ?

These two were hard to capture on photo. They are both really shimmery. The white one I first sprayed with Grapite glimmer mist and then put some silver stickles on the edges. The blue one (sorry about the shade) I just painted with Shimmerz Blingz.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I have not made a single scrapbook layout since August...sigh...but an occasional card has been whooped out from my craft den :D Here are a couple of tri-shutter-fold cards that I just love making. I think they are just perfect for cards with memories, as they can stand on their own like a mini scrapbook/picture frame :D

This one is a sympathy card, for my FIL's brother who past away just recently. He was a great bird collector and a sheep farmer. The personal note is written on the back.

This card was alot of fun to make. It was for a sweet lady I worked with. She just retired and we held her a farewell party and gave her a present and this card. The pictures I used are all from work. I choose red and gold since they are totally her colors :D A personal note is handwritten on the back.

Here is another photo taken from the side. Sorry it is not in focus, but I just wanted to show off the pictures from dressing up at work. We have so much fun there :D

Update and eye candy :D

I am so sorry, for my total absence here these past two months. I started working again in september and at the same time I decided to change my diet (to the better). It is great, but SOOO much work. I am spending 5 times the time I used to in the kitchen now. I am slowly getting the hang of it and finally getting some scrapping done.

I managed to shop a bunch of wonderful roses a few weeks back from iamroses . They are just so gorgeous don´t you think :D

So here is my peace offering, a little eye candy for you guys. I hope you forgive me for totally neglecting you guys!


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