Thursday, July 8, 2010

My scrapbooking mojo is back

I hadn't made a scrapbook page since last january. Can you believe it! I don´t think I have ever gone this long without scrapbooking before. I was actually worried I had lost interest in scrapbooking. But a couple of days ago, I desided to pull myself together and do a layout inspired by the lyrics "I hope you dance" with Ronan Keating. I have always found it good to work with song titles or lyrics in my layouts. I decided to go for a challenge on using lyrics from ABBA. I knew right away what song to use. I could really identify with the lyrics in "Slipping throug my fingers" when I saw Mamma Mia (4 times LOL). Then finally this morning I started a new layout, using a photo from the same photoshoot as in the layout before. Such a great photo I thought. A little bit dreamy I thought. Half way through, it came to me. Also lyrics from ABBA. "I have a dream" (plus the very famous words of MLC). I guess three is a charm, since I like the last one the best. :D

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  1. Þær eru allar algjört æði !!!Þær eru svo smekklegar og flott skrautið á þeim og skrautið nýtur sín ! Flott litasamsetningin á þessari efstu !



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