Thursday, October 29, 2009

Multi Color Embossing

My friend Barbara asked if I could do a full tutorial on how I make a multi color embossing card. Here is how I do it. It really is pretty simple, but what isn't when you know how to :D

You might need to click the photo to enlarge it, I hope it isn't to small.

1. Supplies I used, SU snowflake stamp set, black cardstock, versamark ink pad, 3 different colors of embossing powders. You can mix up brands and colors. I used white diamond, clear and silver.

2. Ink up your stamp with versamark ink, I like to start with the biggest stamp and work my way down to the smallest.
3. Stamp the image randomly a few times. (re-ink the stamp in between)
4. Pour embossing powder (I used white) over the stamped images and dust of excess to a scrap paper.
5. Pour the excess powder back into the jar. Making a crease into the paper makes it easier.
6. Heat emboss, using a heat gun.
7. Re-ink your stamp/s (if using more than one) and stamp randomly again, overlapping a few images to the ones already embossed.
8. Pour embossing powder (I used silver) over the stamped images and dust of excess as before. Don't worry about the already embossed images, the embossing powder does not stick to them.
9. Heat emboss these images, try to avoid heating too long on the overlapping parts of the images, or they will start to melt into each other. Continue stamping more images and embossing each color. I added a few white ones after doing the clear ones.
10. It is clever to use a larger sheet of cardstock so that you can cut them into different sizes and use for more than one card.
11. Don't forget to clean your stamps, I use baby-wipes, really handy :D
12. For the deco you need a crimped wire and a few beads.
13. Start with the hanging beads, thread the wire down the three beads and then back up (only through the top two beads).
14. Wrap the wire around the stamped cardstock, adding on beads as you go. Twist the ends together at the back, or tape them down.
15. Find a matching cardstock to mat. If you don´t have the exact color you need, it is easy to use an ink pad to pop up the color.

Adhere to a card and add a greeting by choice. I used 3d pads to make mine pop :D


  1. THANKS!!! Þúsund þakkir fyrir þetta!
    Nú get ég sko loksins farið að gera jólakortin! Eða sko... þegar ég er búin að læra heilan helling... en ÞÁ byrja ég líka lol :D kv. Barbara.



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