Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update and eye candy :D

I am so sorry, for my total absence here these past two months. I started working again in september and at the same time I decided to change my diet (to the better). It is great, but SOOO much work. I am spending 5 times the time I used to in the kitchen now. I am slowly getting the hang of it and finally getting some scrapping done.

I managed to shop a bunch of wonderful roses a few weeks back from iamroses . They are just so gorgeous don´t you think :D

So here is my peace offering, a little eye candy for you guys. I hope you forgive me for totally neglecting you guys!

1 comment:

  1. KVA !???? Ekki hægt að stækka og skoða betur ???? Það er kannski bara eins gott hahahah Þetta er annars algjört æði :o)



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