Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I have not made a single scrapbook layout since August...sigh...but an occasional card has been whooped out from my craft den :D Here are a couple of tri-shutter-fold cards that I just love making. I think they are just perfect for cards with memories, as they can stand on their own like a mini scrapbook/picture frame :D

This one is a sympathy card, for my FIL's brother who past away just recently. He was a great bird collector and a sheep farmer. The personal note is written on the back.

This card was alot of fun to make. It was for a sweet lady I worked with. She just retired and we held her a farewell party and gave her a present and this card. The pictures I used are all from work. I choose red and gold since they are totally her colors :D A personal note is handwritten on the back.

Here is another photo taken from the side. Sorry it is not in focus, but I just wanted to show off the pictures from dressing up at work. We have so much fun there :D

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  1. Þau eru bæði æðisleg en mér finnst það fyrra algjör snilld !



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